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The Mini-MBA Certificate in Business Management provides you with key concepts, tools and techniques that are required to succeed in today’s challenging business environment.

The East London Business College Mini-MBA gives you the profound understanding of all important business components.

The Mini-MBA is not a degree but a non-credit bearing programme and a professional certificate designed to equip potential and future Corporate Leaders, Graduates, Middle Managers and Executives with core business essentials. This programme will position you to become more productive and efficient in your profession.

As an online based learning programme, it will help Corporate Officers, Supervisors, Managers, Business Leaders and Employees alike to make sound business decisions regarding issues affecting their companies and careers.

It consists of six essential business courses which are listed below:
1. Human Resources Management
2. Strategic Leadership
3. Financial Management
4. Marketing & Business Development
5. Computer & Information Technology
6. Project Management
Programme requirements:
A first degree (Bsc or HND)

Annual Tuition: $150
Course Duration: Full Time: 3 Month average

To know more about this course check the Mini MBA Business Management- Brochure