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Typically, many businesses have always encouraged reactive procurement management which hurts corporate governance and profitability. Consequence of poor procurement management manifests in extensive delay, high cost and abandoned projects. Also, in most sectors of our economy, contract expenditures are in excess of 50% of company revenue and therefore cannot be ignored. Procurement therefore, is an arm of huge potential for cost savings.


  • Understanding Customer and Business Requirements
  • Positioning for Strategic Procurement
  • Supply Management Analysis and Application
  • Strategic Sourcing Methods
  • Application of Sourcing Tools
  • Ethical Issues in Procurement
  • Bidding and Evaluations
  • Contract Management and Supplier Relationship
  • Legal Aspects of the Contracts
  • Negotiation in Contracting Context
  • Managing Supplier Relationships
  • E-Sourcing and Programme Management
  • Key Learning Outcomes
  • Learn the skills and tools for efficient/effective procurement management
  • Apply the skills/tools to improve organization procurement
  • Learn to apply specific skills in different contexts.

Target Audience

  • Managers involved in procurement/contracting.
  • Supply chain and Admin Managers of banks and those in the public sector.

Annual Tuition: $100
Course Duration: Full Time: 4 weeks average

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