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Master a process approach to management and move your organization forward. Effective Management is essential for all teams and organizations to accomplish their goals. But all too often, managers today just don’t have the tools or processes to get the job done efficiently.

Becoming a Better Manager is an online course designed to elevate your managerial skills through a distinctive, hands-on approach to management. You will learn to identify, analyze, design, and influence critical organizational processes as a means of getting work done and achieving results. Working through real-world challenges faced by managers across a variety of industries, you’ll focus on four of the most essential processes for managers: decision-making, implementation, organizational learning, and change management.

Whether you’re new to management, a seasoned manager, or somewhere in-between, you’ll come away with tangible tools and techniques that you can readily apply in your organization to deliver on time, on budget, and at the highest quality.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Differentiate between the myths and realities of management
  • Recognize the advantages of taking a “process perspective” towards managerial work
  • Influence the context and environment in which decisions get made
  • Implement strategies, plans, projects, and initiatives more effectively
  • Lead learning initiatives so that your organization can improve and innovate
  • Manage and lead change in organizations of varying sizes
  • Design, direct, and shape various organizational processes to your advantage

Annual Tuition: $150
Course Duration: Full Time: 4 weeks average

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